inlingua Barcelona, with more than 45 years of experience, is a language school belonging to inlingua International, one of the world’s leading language service organizations.

inlingua Barcelona offers a professional team that is continuously trained to provide a quality service focused on results and the effective language proficiency by our students from the first class.

In all of our courses, we apply the inlingua method, whose main objective is to use immediately what is learned in a practical, dynamic and effective way.

inlingua Barcelona is an International Language Academy that offers multiple languages for teens, juniors and adults, aimed at people who want to acquire knowledge and fluency, improving their expression and understanding.



The DELE Spanish Diplomas were created in 1988 by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The DELE are official degrees, recognizing the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, awarded by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

The diplomas are recognized internationally, and they enjoy a great prestige, not only between public and private educational institutions and authorities but also in the business world and among chambers of commerce.

inlingua Barcelona is recognized by the Instituto Cervantes as a DELE exam centre. Currently, inlingua Barcelona conducts more than 600 exams per year of all levels in its facilities and preparation courses for all calls.

The DELE Diplomas cover all levels of the CEF (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2).


Using the inlingua method, we suitably interweave the structural and communicative aspects of languages. New vocabulary is learned in a natural setting, spontaneously, so you won’t need to translate from your mother tongue. Learning in this way is therefore extremely satisfying.

In inlingua Barcelona we know that the key to all teaching activities consists of suitably combining theory, explanations and clarifications to your questions with active practice, creating ambiences in which each person can feel motivated. Learning takes place gradually and progressively consolidating new knowledge permanently.

We take great care in selecting our teaching staff, based on their teaching skills, experience, studies and their personalities and energy. All of our professionals receive full training on the inlingua method to successfully perform their functions. Our expert teachers will guide you through the entire learning process.



All of our teachers at inlingua Barcelona are highly qualified and specialized in teaching languages and exam preparation.

All of them are native from all over Spain and they are specially trained to teach languages using the inlingua methodology.

This combination of language training and experience means that our teaching team can cover a wide range of general and specialized courses. Your teacher will help you improve your language level and will focus on the exact areas where you need the most help.

Our courses cover all aspects of learning a language, to achieve comprehensive knowledge of all its.

inlingua Barcelona is spacious and fully equipped, with over 700 m2 distributed over two-floors of a quaint ‘Eixample’ building, 13 classrooms, offices, a 350 m2 garden, air conditioning and heating in all rooms, a 180 m2  rooftop terrace and break-study rooms.



inlingua Barcelona helps its foreign students in the procedures for obtaining a visa to study in Barcelona.

With the increasingly smaller world, the interest of students from Asia, Eastern-Europe, North Africa and North America is always growing. Today, more than 25% of our Spanish students come from these parts of the globe.

Therefore, except for students from the European Union and some countries associated with the EU, the need to obtain a student visa is increasing.

inlingua Barcelona helps all interested students of the languages Spanish and / or Catalan, to receive the necessary documentation for the submission to the Spanish embassies or consulates abroad to obtain a visa to study in Spain.



  • Studies should be intensive and long-term (4-12 months) in order to obtain intermediate and advanced levels – even for the official Spanish examinations denominated DELE.
  • The intensity of the courses must exceed 50% of the total studies time.
  • The content and programming of the courses must meet the requirements of the Council of Europe and its language level scheme (CEF).
  • Obviously, the study must be conducted entirely in inlingua Barcelona.
  • You can find more info on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

Additionally and if desired, the terms of payment can be mutually adapted for long-term courses. The service for the preparation of documentation on the studies is free of charge, as long as the length of the course exceeds 26 weeks, the course is paid in full in advance and the visa has not been rejected for reasons not caused by inlingua. As a reference, since 1999, no study-visa with documents from and supported by inlingua Barcelona has been rejected.