• inlingua Method

    “Learn to talk… by talking”

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inlingua Method

Learn to talk… by talking” 

The inlingua method is a constant invitation to immediately use what you learn in each class.

In our courses, students speak and become familiar with the new language from the first class, using it naturally, without having to think in your mother tongue.

How does the inlingua method works?

Using the inlingua method, we suitably interweave the structural and communicative aspects of languages. New vocabulary is learned in a natural setting, spontaneously, so you won’t need to translate from your mother tongue. Learning in this way is therefore extremely satisfying.

In inlingua Barcelona we know that the key to all teaching activities consists of suitably combining theory, explanations and clarifications to your questions with active practice, creating ambiences in which each person can feel motivated. Learning takes place gradually and progressively consolidating new knowledge permanently..

We take great care in selecting our teaching staff, based on their teaching skills, experience, studies and their personalities and energy. All of our professionals receive full training on the inlingua method to successfully perform their functions. Our expert teachers will guide you through the entire learning process.