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inlingua Barcelona

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inlingua has its own publishing house and produces the majority of its teaching materials, which are used at its schools throughout the world: books, manuals, audio recordings and videos, multimedia programs, CDs, workbooks, educational games, etc.
Most teaching materials are also in electronic format, allowing their use on computers, Smartphones and Tablets.

We have a Pedagogical Department, at the Berne headquarters, devoted to the research and development of curriculum design based on the latest advances in language teaching.

  • Programa Dots First English

    Designed for non-native children two years and above. Divided into five levels, this programme is sequenced to adapt to the cognitive development and needs of each age range. A full range of audiovisual materials are used to assist in understanding: dolls, murals and images, books, CDs, DVDs, and much more. Teachers employ a wide variety of techniques to make classes both fun and effective.

  • Programa Junior

    Created for children starting at 7-8 years of age. Taking advantage of children’s development in the areas of reading and writing, learning and memorisation are gradually presented at a steady pace so that children acquire a specific communication level in English, spontaneously and naturally, with no need of translation.

  • Programa Teens

    Designed for students 12 years of age and older. There are three levels, which range from beginner to intermediate levels The three Teen levels have been designed so that students are prepared to pass the exam and be awarded diplomas for the First Certificate in English or equivalent exams.

  • APP- Accelerated Professional Program

    This programme is shaped by the requirements of the present-day economy and the new setting of business relations. It is divided into five different levels, with special focus placed on concrete professional objectives.

  • GPP- Programa general

    Designed for adult students who do not work in the world of business or are not necessarily interested in learning specific business language skills, and feel happier and more comfortable with a general language programme. Structured into six different levels, with the specifications and targets established by the Council of Europe.