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Terms and Conditions

Enrolment / billing / contract:

To enrol in a course, students must fill in their personal information on the corresponding form. By signing this document, students accept all published terms and conditions. inlingua Barcelona (corporate name: Catalonia Language Services SL) will send a bill with a description of the contractual agreements. inlingua Barcelona will then issue a receipt for each payment made against the bill.

Contract withdrawal and termination

Students may withdraw from the course at any time after the contract has been signed.    Notification must be made in writing.

  • Group tuition course / One-to-one extensive course: If notification is made 15 days before the beginning of the course, the signed contract will be cancelled and students will have the right to receive a refund for the previously paid amount. If students withdraw from the course less than 15 days before it begins or after classes have already started, they will be charged as follows: (1) the total amount of the enrolment fee (if any), (2) the total amount of class material received, (3) the amount that corresponds to the tariff in accordance with the period of time that has gone by since the beginning of the course (in case of group tuition: the trimester) or the real volume of countable classes (in case of one-to-one tuition). The difference between the amount that has been paid by the student until the withdrawal date and amount due based on the new calculation should be paid at the time that the withdrawal is made, independently of the initially agreed upon payment method and periods.
  • One-to-one intensive course (CIP120® and MIP720®): Once the course has been confirmed, it can be cancelled up to 30 days prior to the starting date, with a cancellation fee of 20% of the totals of the course amounts involved as cancellation fee. Cancelling with a shorter notice and up to 7 days prior to starting day will be invoiced with a cancellation fee of 40% of the above mentioned amounts. Cancellations later than 7 days prior to starting date will be invoiced with a cancellation fee of 100% of the before mentioned amounts. The cancellation has to be made in writing. inlingua Barcelona reserves the right cancel the contract if the student does not fulfil the agreed upon payments. The student will receive written communication regarding the termination of the contract and the final amount owed resulting from the calculations set forth in the previous paragraph.

Cancellation of classes / absences / interruption of the course / lesson-reduction

  • Group tuition course / One-to-one extensive course with fixed schedule: Absences from these classes, even if advanced notification is given, are interpreted as done and aren’t made up.
  • Intensive spanish courses for foreigners: The minimum number of participants per group is 5. The school reserves the right to reduce the number of weekly lessons (without any cost reduction) in cases where there are less than 5 participants enrolled.  In that case the reduction will be as follows: 1 participant – 8 lessons / 2 participants – 12 lessons / 3 participants – 15 lessons / 4 participants – 18 lessons.
  • One-to-one intensive course (CIP120® and MIP720®): Once a course has started, it cannot be interrupted. Absence from these classes, are interpreted as done and aren’t made up. The course can be cancelled up to 30 natural days before the scheduled start. The communication of the cancellation must be in written form. Until these 30 days, 20% of total costs will be retained in order to pay administrative costs. Cancellations up to 7 days before the start carry cancellation costs of 40% (of the total price). For cancellations later than 7 days before the beginning, the total amount of the order will be charged. Once the course has started, the classes may be cancelled, but won’t be made up and the invoice will not be reduced.
  • One-to-one extensive courses with flexible schedule: Classes with flexible schedules can be cancelled with 24 hours notice, up to a maximum of 20% of the total volume contracted. If classes are taught on Mondays, cancellation must be made on the preceding Friday. Cancellations must be made by telephone or with the secretary. The time period for cancellations made by e-mail will begin when we confirm receipt of the e-mail. When cancelled classes fulfil the above described cancellation requirements, they will be made up during the period contracted at a time agreed upon between the student and the school. Classed cancelled with shorter notice or absence from the classes will not be made up. Upon request by the student, a private course can be interrupted for a maximum of 3 months after the initially determined date of ending. The payments (amounts and rhythms) aren’t affected neither by cancellations nor by course interruptions.
  • Spanish courses for foreigners whom participation need a visa:   Registration may be canceled if the visa has been denied to the applicant. If the refusal is because the documentation delivered by inlingua Barcelona or courses that do not follow the requirements set by the Spanish authorities, will be returned to the applicant the entire amount paid until then. If the visa is denied by reasons which have nothing to do with inlingua Barcelona, it will retain the amounts paid up to 20% of the total invoiced cost, and, at least, the rate of issuing documents for the visa – in reference to the administrative costs.

Course / contents

The courses taught by inlingua Barcelona follow the didactic guidelines of its own method of teaching. The curriculum is chosen according to the objectives of each course. The curriculum contents have been developed specifically focusing on improving the communicative abilities of the student. inlingua’s teaching method also assumes that students will spend some time studying outside of the classroom.

Class length / attendance record

Classes will last for 45 minutes, except when a different class length is established in the information leaflet of a specific course or when a different class length is agreed upon for a private class. inlingua Barcelona keeps an attendance record of all of its classes.

Certificates and diplomas

inlingua Barcelona will give each student a certificate of attendance for the course taken. Once the course is over, private course students may request a report that shows the level obtained and the progress made during the course. inlingua Barcelona will issue level diplomas to those students that have passed the corresponding exam. Diplomas given have no academic validity.

Student / customer data

Information about students and, if applicable, the person to whom the invoice is sent, is kept in electronic files. These files are recorded, manipulated and accessed according to all regulations in force (LOPD).

Other conditions

The existence of specific agreements between the two parties, additional or different, for any one of the sections described above does not invalidate that which is set forth in the remaining points of this document, which are points that must be fulfilled.