• Intensive preparation courses

    for First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE)

Intensive preparation courses for First (FCE) and Advanced (CAE)

The Cambridge English or ESOL exams are well known and recognised throughout the world. Their purpose is to provide students’ with a wide range of international high quality exams that—by certifying English language proficiency—have a favourable impact on their learning experience and professional development.

inlingua Barcelona is an accredited centre and offers preparation courses for the Cambridge exams for First Certificate in English (FCE) and Certificate of Advanced English (CAE). They are intensive and taught by the best teachers.


  • Course runs from 2 to 26 July
  • Times from 7.00 to 9.30 pm Monday to Thursday
  • Development of techniques and recommendations for passing the exam
  • Active practicing of all four broad skill areas on the exam (Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening & Speaking)
  • Real time exam simulations
  • We handle all steps and paperwork for registering students for the exams
  • Specialised teachers
  • Specific materials included in the price

Course objectives

  • Get ready in record time

    If you are planning on taking a Cambridge exam soon, you can prepare intensively and in record time.

  • Learn the secrets

    There are some essential tips and tricks to improve your results. We will teach you all of them during this course.

  • Model exams

    During the course, you will take several model exams in real time to experience actual exam conditions and thus be better prepared.

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