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English language courses

Our English language courses are aimed at people who wish to acquire knowledge and fluency, enhancing the expression and understanding in a practical and effective way from the first class.

In our courses, each lesson is introduced in a practical and participative way. So fluency is gained while learning grammar and vocabulary.


  • Ages: From 16 years.
  • Small groups of 5-12 participants.
  • Schedules morning – afternoon – evening.
  • Free online placement test for new students.
  • Full immersion in the language.
  • Level certificate after the course.
  • 3 weekly hours course (1 or 2 days).

Course Objectives

  • Speak from the first class

    Speak the language from the first class, according to the student’s level.

  • Gradual progression

    Perform a firmly and gradual progression, consolidating new knowledge.

  • High levels of communication

    Acquire high levels of communication and grammatical skills after the program.